Gratitude, chaos, and big hopes…

TEN days! It has been ten days since my birthday and I have already started off this new year in my life with a broken goal. I am trying to be more responsive, quicker with my communication, and more organized. As many of you know, I have been working on a colossal project that has all of these different branches. It takes a lot of time and a lot of my energy and concentration.

But your love and kindness is what keeps me going during these chaotic days. Its important to me that I make sure that each and every one of you know that I appreciate the birthday wishes. I want to thank each and every one of you who sent me messages, tweets, emails, text messages, snapchats, and other birthday wishes. Holidays and my birthday can get me down from time to time, but its your words and thoughts that make me feel better!

So I apologize for being late in showing my gratitude. You have no idea how much I rely on your kindness and good thoughts. It really is like a fuel that keeps me going. The energy is what lifts me up and keeps me from finding that dark corner in the back of a very dark room to curl up. I completely believe in the thought of “all the love that you get, give the same.”. Please accept my apologies for being late to return some love.

While there is no real excuse for ever being late in returning love, I do feel bad. Perhaps I can give you a little trick to make a sweet treat as a way to bribe you for your forgiveness. When you eat it, maybe you will be so happy you will have no choice but to think great thoughts about me!! :) Get a watermelon and cut into chunks. Put all the chunks on a cookie sheet and place it in your freezer until it is frozen solid. In a little while, get a few chunks out and put it in a plastic bag with a little bit of sugar. Smash the hell out of the chunks and pour it into a bowl. Then enjoy your frozen watermelon icy treat on a hot summer day!! And if you are aggressive and smash too much… enjoy your slurpy slushy! :)

Also, if you snapchat… let me know! If you have any other fun places online that you hang out, let me know!

Thank you again for all of the wishes and thoughts on my birthday. I better get back to work now…. I don’t want you to be disappointed when I unveil it all.